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内容摘要:Is China an irresponsible power?中国是一个不负责任的大国吗?——————————————回答一:Ray Comeau, A decade in China, interest in geopolitics(在中国居住十年,对地缘政治学感兴趣)Ans...

Is China an irresponsible power?




Ray Comeau, A decade in China, interest in geopolitics(在中国居住十年,对地缘政治学感兴趣)
Answered Apr 8
What is the criteria for being irresponsible?


Is it invading many other countries? The US has invaded 50 countries since WW2


Great Britain has invaded every country in the world except just 22. Sometimes to protect their national corporations and colonize others sometimes to attack enemies.


China does provide aid at times to North Korea to avoid food shortages to the people, which might be caused by western sanctions that only result in punishing innocent common people. Sanctions have little or no effect on leaders.


Is there a number of dictators a country can support and be responsible? List of authoritarian regimes supported by the United States - Wikipedia


Britain's Foreign Policy and Support For Genocidal killers Shrouded in Propaganda - TruePublica


I have not seen any information that China has disputes with the majority of ASEAN members, a few yes. There are some territorial disputes,in some cases, and some other things with Japan, who invaded China and many SE countries.


On the other hand I think, you missed some other important issues.


What about the treatment of it’s people (outside to times of national crisis). Are the people becoming poorer or have food security issues. Are there serious racial and religious divisions. Is there a permanent underclass. How about or turning a blind eye to slavery of adults and children in their own country ?


What about trying to undermine and destabilize governments of other countries for political purposes?


Geopolitics is not a contest for Miss Congeniality. It is about doing what you can to protect your interests and make use of the potential you have. No major power ever became a power by being docile and passive. If you do not understand this simple fact ….. read history and not media garbage.


I am sure I missed some criteria, but ….. I could not judge China as being irresponsible.




Nathan Lau
Answered Apr 16 · Upvoted by Xinchun Li, lives in China
The two greatest powers in terms of countries are the U.S. and China.


So, let's talk about that.


In my books, being an irresponsible power is to wage unecessary wars for resources, as it's more profitable now to trade than to forcibly take, or for political reasons. That's basically all wars you say? Well, yeah, wars are usually quite pointless and result in millions of deaths.


Lets start with America.


It is a relavtively new country, founded in 1776 by independence from the British Empire. It has been at war 222 years out of 239 years of its existence. That’s a staggering 93% of all of Ameircan history!


From it's beginning as a superpower in 1916. Smack bang in the middle of World War 1 and just before the involvement of the United States in 1917. America overtook the British Empire as the World's largest economy by force. When the Empire was occupied with Kaiser, Ameircan markets took that advantage and infiltrated British colonial markets taking and monopolising said markets. Though America’s brief partake in the First World War was indeed… brief, they naturally took all the credit and deemed themselves as heroes.


Lets not forget that a decade before this America had also been involved with the eight-powered alliance invasion of China.


Lets skip to present day.


Donald Trump has just been elected as President of the United States of America and one of the first acts is to falsely accuse the Syrian government of using chemical attacks and launched 59 guided missles into a Syrian airbase. America has also repeatedly been militarily involved in the South China Sea theatre and have condemned China for being so close to their ships! Aircraft carriers sail thousands of miles to China and claim that they're getting too close?! The U.S. is obviously trying to stir things up in the Eastern front since they can't seem to handle their own civil issues.


I feel that the U.S. irresponsibly and recklessly exercise it's military power and economic powers without considering the consequences.


澳门赌博送彩金:中国是一个不负责任的大国吗? 澳门赌博送彩金:中国是一个不负责任的大国吗?

(Pie chart shows 1776–1992)


The People's Republic of China, founded on 1st of October 1949, and officially recognised as a country in 1971 fought the last hot war that involved the People's Liberation Army was in 1979. Now, China is focusing on building new trade routes and reviving ancient ones such as the "New Silk Road” and “One Belt One Road” initiative.



The first England-China freight train left for a three week trip just a week or two ago.


China has invested in places like Africa and Pakistan when no one else would, reviving their own economy and trading in the process. If that's called colonising then I suggest you go look up on history, because China only looks for a ‘win-win’ in contrast to the ‘'American First” policy Trump seems to be imposing.


Furthermore, not just looking outwards, China has built 20,000km of High Speed Railroad in under a decade independently. Instead of spending billions upon billions of Mother Of All Bombs, or “Destroying ISIS” or focusing on building weapons, China has built infrastructure and a better education.


In America, this is how they use their power for the people.


澳门赌博送彩金:中国是一个不负责任的大国吗? 澳门赌博送彩金:中国是一个不负责任的大国吗?

In China, this is how they use their power for the people.


澳门赌博送彩金:中国是一个不负责任的大国吗? 澳门赌博送彩金:中国是一个不负责任的大国吗?

See the difference?


One uses their power for destruction, and one uses their power for the betterment of their own citizens whilst looking out for others.


If America continues to think “Americans first”, then America will be last.


People may go “Oh, but look at the pollution”. Yes! There is a huge issue but the government is taking responsibility by spending $103 billion, over twice as much as the U.S. and accounts for 36% of the world’s spendings on renewable energy. By 2020, China hopes to spend a whopping $330 billion!


China is flawed, it has its problems, but being a responsible, non-orange-looking-O.K.-signing-grown-up, and dealing with the problems. That's responsibility!


In conclusion, China is most certainly not an irresponsible power as I just proved it with contradiction, showing what China isnt doing. China isn't randomly starting wars with other countries despite of what you hear on the news. Whereas the U.S. use their power to secure that power, but in a means which harms people.


93% of American History is filled with blood.


Who’s the irresponsible one?


(P.S. I used China and America as a comparison as it is currently the two biggest economical power in the world, accounting for over 40% of global economy together. Both powers rival each other economically, and militaristically (arguably))



Pothiraju Seetharam, Business Management from Singapore(来自新加坡的商业管理人士)
Answered Apr 22
Many answers talk about America which is not what the question is about.


Really twisted is too strong a word. China follows its own self interest in pursuit of policies, and relations with other countries, which is what every government does anyway.


North Korea and its leader is supported by China because North Korea is the proxy is make China’s feelings and obxtions to foreign powers (America) known. Are the Americans carrying out military exercises with South Korea? You will hear the dictator making threats. Any sales of advanced defense equipment to South Korea or Japan from the USA? Then Kim threatens nuclear war. North Korea is useful in that way to China. North Korea receives aid from China and only reason this last Stalinist, or is it Maoist, outpost still stands.


Pakistan has been a strange case of getting along with America, and also with China recently. China is working with Pakistan to enhance its presence in the Indian Ocean area. There has been development of a port and roads to the north of Pakistan.



Gwadar Port - Wikipedia


This is of great significance to India of course. The infrastructure lixs will allow for rapid deployment of forces if needed. China and Pakistan have an economic ‘corridor’ to further boost ties, and cooperation.


On the South China Sea issue old history is used to claim sovereignty, not just something China does, but in this case their recent muscling in is causing ripples everywhere. China is seeking to have talks with nations in the region individually on this issue: not to Asean as a bloc, not to America or UN middlemen, not to any world court opinion too. Patiently China grows its influence seeking to dominate the entire region. It is building up its maritime capability in the region to counter any rival claims, and to warn off what it sees as an illegitimate challenge from the USA.



Irresponsible? No. Worrisome because of recent developments, yea. But while all this is going on, trade and industry, business and other lixs continue unabated between all the countries making it less likely armed conflict will be resorted to.




Answered Apr 6
In saying the sea disputes are irresponsible, you seem to have taken a side. Based on what? Nothing responsible, I can guarantee. The sea disputes are based on historical proof from the Chinese side. It is irresponsible for the US to prop up irresponsible nations such as Japan that still hold conquered territories.


Korean dictator: China’s support keeps him within extreme words and outside of extreme action land. No thanks necessary.


Never heard of Masood Azhar. China fights terrorists in China and on the seas in the Gulf of Aden. China trades for oil instead of invade for oil.



H.L. Cowan, The local American neocon(美国本土的新保守主义者)
Answered Apr 22
China is an unproven power.


China really doesn’t have a whole lot of foreign involvement outside of economics on an international scale yet. Although China doesn’t exactly have a history of supporting democracy and human rights, it’s too far a stretch to say that they are irresponsible.


The US is actually a very unique power/superpower in history. Most superpowers in history invaded for conquest, resources, power, etc. Although the US has had plenty of conflicts involving those reasons, they also have a rather rich recent history of using it’s power for the preservation of liberty, human rights, democracy, etc. In essence, the US has used its power to benefit and help other nations to an unusual level. Several of these instances are


South Korea








The US has dedicated large amounts of money and personnel to responding to disasters in other nations. Oftentimes it responds quicker than the original countries taskforces do.


The reason I say this is because the US does believe it holds a moral responsibility to ensure liberty, safety, and democracy to nations who desire them. The US stakes out a moral high-ground, or attempts to, in comparison to other great powers throughout history. The US is unique this way.


China isn’t an irresponsible power, it’s just unproven. In comparison to other great powers in history, China’s actions have been relatively tame. Time will tell if China takes a moral position like the US has, a traditional power position (like most historical powers), or simply no position at all.




Noel Leong, works at Semiconductors(在半导体行业工作)
Answered Apr 11
China foreign policies only has three obxtives:


to get the world to see things from China’s perspective;


to get respect internationally so that its leadership could looks good in the eyes of its citizens;


to secure the maximum possible benefits for China.


To China, all the examples that you mentioned were it being responsible for the interests of China:


Maritime dispute with Japan - to safeguard its border security from the threat of Japanese backer, the US military


Dispute in South China Sea - again it is done to secure the maximum economic and security benefits for China. China is trying to establish a maritime “silk road” with its One Belt One Road policy which it said will bring economic growth to the ASEAN region. It expects the region to support its effort in return for more Chinese investment to ASEAN.


Support to DPRK - someone's gotta keep up the dialogue with the Kim’s Dynasty and those US bases in South Korea are a thorn on China’s feeling about border security. Can you blame them?


Support for Pakistan & Masood Azhar - what China care most about is if terrorist groups from the Middle East and Afghanistan supporting and funding the Uighur separatists; Pakistan can provide them security buffers and intelligence.


So, China is being very responsible in upholding its national interests through its foreign policies.




Craig Reynolds, works at Self-Employment(自由职业者)
Answered Apr 6 · Upvoted by Xinchun Li, lives in China
What an ignorant question that can be answered with other questions such as:


How many countries has China imposed unilateral sanctions on? None


How many governments has China attempted to overthrow? None


How many terrorist groups has China relabeled “rebels” and provided arms to? None


How many countries has China invaded to overthrow a government? None


How many countries has China bombed the hell out of? None


How many countries does China engage in drone strikes on a daily basis? None


How many countries has China threatened with nukes? None


What is China’s nuke policy on first use? It has no first use policy.


Now ask those same questions of the US government and you will know how foolish your original question was.


BTW: The DPRK situation is 100% the fault of the US and no one else. As such it is NOT China’s or anyone else’s problem to solve other than the US. When your enemy asks repeatedly over decades to sign a peace treaty with you and you ALWAYS refuse, this is what you get and what you deserve for your arrogance.




Li-Geng Tian, worked at Beijing, China(在中国北京工作)
Answered Apr 18
who is China being irresponsible to?


Chinese government’s fundamental responsiblity is to its own people. if a conflict of interest surfaces between China and another nation, and no mutually beneficial outcome is possible, you bet Chinese government would do whats good for China in the end. from the other nation’s prospective, it may be irresponsible to them, but thats fine because the Chinese government doesnt work for other nations. by being irresponsible when nessecary to others, China is being responsible for ourselves.


i would actually be worried if everybody started to praise China. international relations is not a popularity contest.




Glenn Lee, works at Northern California(在北加州工作)
Answered Apr 16
Who is China irresponsible to? Who judge China to be irresponsible? Is the US irresponsible? Is Japan irresponsible? England? Germany? Russia? Norway? etc. To demean a country is the first step to war. The purpose of propaganda is to bad mouth a country, make the country less than human so that it is perfectly acceptable to bomb the hell out of that country.




Ming Chan
Answered Apr 16
Oh come on. We don't export hunger, poverty or revolution, nor do we cause you much trouble.What else do you want?


You must have a full stomach and nothing better to do than point fingers at us.




Sikandar Azam Khan Alizai, Interest in international affairs and history(对国际事务和历史感兴趣)
Answered Apr 19
If China was an irresponsible power then it would have been the name of China rather than the name of America in every wreck of a war in the modern history.




William Tang, Author; CEO at Tang Long Enterprise (2010-present)
Answered Apr 17
If China is irresponsible then we would be at war already.



Gary Sands, Lived in Shanghai 2006-2012, lives in Vietnam, written several articles on China(2006年至2012年住在上海,现居越南,写过若干篇关于中国的文章)
Answered Apr 6
I think the Chinese leadership claims responsibility only for their nation and its citizens, and is reluctant to assume global responsible leadership.




Rao Sameer, Labour
Answered Apr 16
The only irresponsible country in this world is United state of America.. They have dropped nukes on Japan.. They Lied infront of all United nation and destabilized middle east which gifted this world ISIS.


In this world human life has no value because killing people isn't crime anymore, the crime is just…. the way/method (weapons) you use to kill peoples like as if you use chemical weapons for attack it considers a crime but if you use MOTHER OF ALL BOMB its not consider a crime




Attal Khan, Politics, Piano. PAKISTANI!(政治学、钢琴,我是巴基斯坦人!)
upxed Apr 19
Here’s a comparison to give you an idea of level of responsibility.


So far the most irresponsible power in the world. Lets see how


The only country that has EVER used a nuclear bomb on a civilian population.


The country which makes a false claim of existence of chemical weapons in Iraq, invades its, overthrows the govt and pulls out, resulting in the birth of ISIS. Following the overthrow says there were no weapons.


The country that overthrew the govt in libya and later who’s president condemned it as his biggest mistake in his presidency.


The country which still doesnt learn from its own history and directly bombs Syrian regime air base, knowing it could lead to a similar situation and make more mess in the region if in case it comes to overthrowing the syrian govt.


A country which gave birth to fanatics (taliban) in afghanistan to defeat the soviet army but now is stuck fighting with them from decades, a war costing billions of dollars.


China is such an ass and pretty much the most irresponsible power currently in the world. Looks like it needs some democracy!


So yea, the bottomline is, you can call anyone irresponsible picking any one or a few of their actions, but given the scale of already such responsible nations in the world, China IS HUGELY IRRESPONSIBLE .




Donald Ariande, I've lived on and off in China as well as Germany(我的居住地在中国和德国之间不断切换)
Answered Aug 6
This has got to be one of the dumbest Questions on Quora.


China for its size and military might (2nd in the world behind the US) is punching FAR below its weight.


I’d argue that if China basically ramped up its building in the SCS 10x, the US would be like: “Oh stop that ur being a dick” and China would go right back to it.


China claims some Indian territory, but it hasn’t actually enforced many of those claims and doesn’t intend to do so.


Tibet and Xinjiang both have history within China, I personally don’t believe they do belong to China, but nonetheless their geo-political importance is simply way too high to be let go and Western powers have no shortages of hypocrisy such as the case of Kurdistan (Can’t let those damn Kurds split from friendly NATO guy Turkey!), Saudi Arabia (Control this and you control the world’s oil currency), The Iraq war (Started with fake WMD reports and falsified information and left over 1 million Iraqi’s dead and American people Billions of dollars in taxation for no reason) and PLENTY of others.


Look, you may not like it as a westerner, but the fact remains that the US and the USSR both did things MUCH, MUCH worse than China. May I remind you the last war China got into was in 1979 while the US is STILL at war?


Go ahead, call me a Wumao, I dare you.








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